Understanding & Enhancing

Traffic Intelligence

Traffic Intelligence in Retailing — As retailers push to differentiate and increase brand loyalty, the heart of the challenge lies with understanding and enhancing the customer shopping experience by asking key questions like:

How many customers shop on a daily basis and at what times? Capturing and measuring shopper traffic are critical in order to estimate the sales opportunities that enter a retail store

Which promotional displays are engaging? Are there enough employees on the retail floor? Where does the potential customer go in your store?

And the most important question…how many shoppers made purchases on a particular day? The store’s ability to convert shoppers into customer

Decoding customer behaviors and patterns and finding optimum ways to maximize profits doesn’t have to be difficult. Solving many of the customer challenges is simple when you install the right traffic intelligence measures.

Sensormatic offers a host of traffic solutions dedicated to simplifying, capturing and improving the retail shopping experience and drive sales.

Accurate Inventory

Inventory Intelligence Solutions

Accurate inventory is a key component to successful omni-channel retailing. By keeping shelves stocked and merchandise in the right place, you’re helping ensure customers buy, instead of walking out the door empty-handed.

But getting clear visibility of your inventory can be a daunting task – unless you have the right solution.

Inventory Accuracy — Retailers are defined by their ability to attract and retain loyal customers, while meeting the increasingly stringent financial performance and growth.

They have invested heavily over the past decade to automate processes within the corporate, merchandising, supply chain and store areas, while spending even more on specialized solutions for pricing, markdowns, web, multi-channel and customer interaction.

Yet for all this investment, inventory accuracy remains an industry wide problem - putting the success of these solutions and the financial viability of a retailer at risk. The correct Inventory Intelligence can drive significant improvements in inventory accuracy, approaching 99% in many cases.

Inventory Intelligence helps you gain item-level visibility into all your merchandise from receiving to checkout using radio frequency identification (RFID). With our solution, we can help you:

  • Get up to 99% inventory accuracy
  • Reduce—if not eliminate—out-of-stocks and over stocks
  • Perform faster, more frequent and more accurate inventory counts
  • Keep omni-channel customers satisfied and coming back time and time again

Cutting-Edge Visibility — Inventory accuracy is fundamental to the success of any retail strategy, impacts shelf availability, customer satisfaction and ultimately financial performance of the retailer.

Visibility in the form of a sophisticated, easy to use, item-level inventory management solution provides insight in the retail inventory process to effectively track inventory from replenishment to the store floor.

With our solution now deployed in hundreds of stores around the world, many retailers are realizing up to 99% inventory accuracy.

Inventory visibility reduces operational costs by refining poor inventory tracking.

Additionally, it decreases shrink while simultaneously enhancing the customer’s shopping experience.

With our Inventory Visibility solution, you can accurately track inventory and enhance overall store performance.